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Researching Your Target Market – Before you go all out and start creating a Facebook ad campaign, the worst mistake you can make, is not knowing who your target market is. Yes I know you are excited, but the last thing you want to do, is jump in with two feet, without the proper research. So in this video, you will learn how to find your target market, their location, their gender, and more. * adder friend

This step by step, 6 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to quickly plan and setup your Facebook Ad campaign correctly, from; what facebook allows and disallows, the basics of writing your ads, getting them approved, testing them, getting them to convert and building a community around your brand, to increase the viralness! ***Here’s a list of this 6 part video series in more detail * social media

***Here is what you’ll learn from this video course in detail…. Video 1 – Introduction To Social Media Marketing – 03:21 * Why Social Media Marketing is profitable * The desired results * Potential Pitfalls * Overview of the training course Video 2 – Facebook – 06:36 * Why Facebook is profitable * Profile and fan page setup * Building friends and fans * Getting involved * Building a fan base software social media

Single License. Installs On 1 Computer. FaceBook has 500 Million Targeted Users. Features: * Auto Mass Friend Requests * Auto Mass Friend Messages * Auto Mass Friend Wall Poster * Auto Mass Friend Poker * Auto Mass Amber Alerts * Auto Mass Captcha Bypass* Single License Installs On 1 PC. FaceBook has become the hottest thing since MySpace and YouTube.friendadder

This simple, step-by-step system shows you exactly how to: * Brand yourself and your business/products* Build a large fan base of potential clients * Build a high-quality email list* Driving large amounts of traffic to your website I’m sure you can see the power of this video training system. facebook bot

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